Preparing for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Regulation Update

As the days draw nearer to proclamation on July 1, 2024, the College is eagerly preparing to welcome Behaviour Analysts into what will be the new College of Psychologists and Behaviour Analysts of Ontario.

Pilot testing of the applications is currently underway, with pre-registration set to open in the Spring 2024. At that time, Behaviour Analysts currently in practice who meet the registration requirements will be able to apply to the College.  The goal of the pre-registration period is to ensure that qualified Behaviour Analysts can continue to practice and provide services to their clients on the date of proclamation and after, ensuring continuity of care. The College will not be accepting applications for Entry-Level registration during the pre-registration period. These applications will open after the pre-registration period closes, on July 1, 2024.    

The public consultation of the College’s By-laws remains open for feedback until February 16, 2024. Current members, as well as future members of the profession of applied behaviour analysis and the general public, are invited to review the updated By-laws and provide their feedback before the closing date.

Prospective applicants are invited to visit the ABA Portal and the ABA section of the FAQs page for additional updates. If you are an employer of behavioural services, the College has recently added new information for employers here.

The College welcomes feedback and questions from the public and Behaviour Analysts. You can contact the College at aba@cpo.on.ca.