Strategic Direction 2017-2022

Vision Statement

[What we aspire to be]  

The College strives for excellence in self-regulation in service of the public interest.

Mission Statement

[Why we exist]

To regulate the practice of psychology in serving and protecting the public interest.


[How we accomplish our Mission]

In accomplishing our Mission, the College promotes excellence in the practice of psychology by:
  • Enforcing standards fairly and effectively through:  
    • Developing, establishing and maintaining standards of qualifications for individuals seeking registration;  
    • Developing, establishing and maintaining standards of practice and professional ethics for all members;  
    • Developing, establishing and maintaining standards of knowledge and skill and programs to promote continuing evaluation, competence and improvement among members;
  • Communicating clearly and effectively with stakeholders, particularly applicants, members and the public;
  • Supporting and assisting members to meet high standards;
  • Responding to changing needs in new and emerging practice areas;
  • Collaborating in shaping the regulatory environment;
  • Acting in a responsibly transparent manner; and,
  • Advancing the Council’s governance practices.  


[What we uphold in all our activities]


The College approaches decisions in a just, reasonable and impartial manner


The College acts in an open, transparent and responsible manner and communicates about its processes.


The College acts honestly, ethically, and responsibly.


The College treats members of the public, members of the College, prospective members and other stakeholders with respect.