One of the roles of the College is to ensure that its registrants provide competent, ethical, and professional services to the public. Being registered means that a practitioner has met the requirements to practice and is accountable to their regulatory college.

The College cannot recommend particular practitioners. We don’t have the ability to assess your needs or determine which practitioner might be the best fit for you. The College does not offer a referral service.

How can you find a psychology practitioner?

If you have a trusted primary care provider, they may be a useful resource in understanding your options and referring you to a regulated mental health care provider, such as a psychologist or a psychological associate. The Ontario Psychological Association and the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals are two professional organizations in Ontario that offer a referral service. You can visit their websites here:



To verify that someone is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, you can look them up on the College’s Public Register.  The public register will provide information about a member’s authorized areas of practice and populations, as well as information about significant complaints and disciplinary outcomes, if any.