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Online renewal for 2022-2023 is open. The Practice Update Form and fees will be due June 1.

For renewal steps, account login and other renewal information click here:

Requesting a Change of Certificate

There are a variety of materials that members holding certificates of autonomous practice will find of value.  This includes information pertaining to supervision of both supervised practice members as well as non-regulated providers.  In addition there is information regarding Registration issues which pertain to autonomous practice members.

Members who wish to request a change of certificate may do so with 60 day’s notice by submitting the online Request for a Certificate Change.  A description of the certificates is available here.

Resigning or Moving to an Inactive or Retired Certificate

Adding A New Practice Area or Client Group

Autonomous practice members wishing to add an area of practice or a client group must undertake training and supervision to achieve competency comparable to other members of the College who are recognized for similar practice.

Members are required to make a written request to the Registration Committee specifying the practice area or client group they wish to add and to provide detailed information about how they have or plan to acquire the knowledge and skills in this new area. Submissions to the Registration Committee must be received 10 days in advance of a meeting.

The College’s Guidelines for Change of Area of Practice, outline the process in more detail here.

The Registration Committee meets approximately every other month, dates of upcoming meetings are posted here.

Autonomous Practice Psychological Associates Applying for Registration as Psychologists

Autonomous Practice Psychological Associates who subsequently acquire a doctoral degree in psychology may apply for registration as Psychologists.  The application form and guidelines are available in the Psychological Associates: Applying for Registration as Psychologists section of the website.

Removal or Modification of a Term, Condition, or Limitation

Autonomous practice members of the College whose certificate includes a term, condition or limitation may apply for its removal or modification.  The application form and guidelines are available in the Removal or Modification of a Term, Condition, or Limitation section of the website.

Mobility of Members