Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee Update

The College remains committed to the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and to incorporating EDI into all aspects of the College’s work and its regulatory processes. The College has created an  EDI page on which information and resources are continually updated.

The EDI Working Group has continued to direct its efforts to the goals it established and remains focused on implementing diversity practices across the College Committees.  This has included  meetings with the Committee Chairs to discuss their Committees’ EDI initiatives and to provide support as needed.  Representatives of the Working Group have continued to support the Jurisprudence and Ethics Examination (JEE) Committee in their efforts to guide the JEE exam item writing process and to assist with incorporating EDI content and principles into the exam. More recently, the EDI Chair met with the Chairs of the Registration committee to discuss their various committee projects including those related to supervised practice members, and the examination process with an EDI lens. The EDI Working Group has also been in joint efforts with the Standard of Conduct Working Group and assisting with fine tuning the Standards of Conduct from an EDI lens.

Presently, the EDI Working Group has continued to review and prioritize EDI initiatives and goals. We are now developing an EDI plan, which will be connected to the College’s  Strategic Directions. We look forward to continuing to keep you all updated on our EDI journey.

The next meeting of the EDI Working Group is scheduled for the beginning of November 2023.