Avis – Exercice non autorisé

Only registered members of the College are allowed to:

  1. Practice psychology in Ontario; 
  2. Hold themselves out as qualified to practice psychology in Ontario; and  
  3. Use the titles “psychologist” and “psychological associate” in Ontario. 

 You can use the public register to verify College registration.

Please contact the College if you have information about anyone not registered who may practising psychology. The individuals listed below were prosecuted for unauthorized activities: 

Arthur Blank – OttawaTerry Orlick – Ottawa
Susan Clapham – BrockvilleAlexander Polgar, Ph.D., RSW – Toronto
Paul Clark – Greater Toronto Area  Miriam Rabin – Toronto
Gregory Evans – TorontoBrenda Perez Gil Romo – Niagara Falls
Elena Faini AKA Alexis Daniels – TorontoTimothy Quek – Toronto
Richard Glatt – Stittsville (Ottawa)Barry Rich – Richmond Hill
Stephen Hambly, Ph.D. – BurlingtonMario Caligiure Varano – Toronto
Luke Michael Howard – Ottawa

Copies of the relevant court orders in respect of these individuals are available upon written request to the College.