The Current Standards of Professional Conduct have been in force since September 2017. The context in which College Registrants have been providing services is dynamic and has changed substantially since then. Given that applied behavioural analysis (ABA) will be regulated by the College beginning in July 2024, and that there have been changes in the practice environments of many existing members, it was believed necessary to update the Standards in order to ensure their relevance and applicability to the practice of both ABA and psychology.

The draft Standards were developed by a Working Group appointed by the Executive Committee of the College. It was comprised of Council and College members representing a diversity of affiliations with cultural groups, (for example, racial and gender) and different practice settings. It also included practitioners of ABA and psychology, as well as a public member of the College.

The Working Group unanimously decided to develop a single unified set of Standards that would be applicable to the professions of Psychology and ABA. The review, as well as the recommended changes, were informed by the values of right touch regulation, clarity, freedom from ambiguity and ease of enforceability.

If you have any comments regarding these set of Standards we would like to hear from you. Please submit your feedback by completing this form before March 8, 2024.