Welcome to Headlines!

This is the first issue of our redesigned quarterly newsletter formerly called The Bulletin. We hope you enjoy the new format, and layout. HeadLines is only one part of the Communication Modernization Strategy undertaken by the College.   More >>>


President’s Message

It is hard to believe, that just a few months ago, in the depths of winter we were thinking about the coming summer, travel, relaxation and a pleasant break from the routines of winter. And then it began: the spread of COVID-19 and the dramatic changes that each of us has had to face both professionally and in our personal lives.   More >>>


Council Highlights – June 12, 2020

Since the March meeting there have been a number of changes to the College Council. Ms. Christine DiZazzo, (District 7, Psychological Associate) and Dr. Patricia Minnes (District 8, Academic) have left Council after many years of service. We gratefully acknowledge their involvement and contributions.   More >>>