Investigations, Complaints & Resolutions Committee (ICRC)


New Complaints and Reports

In the 4th Quarter, the College received 25 new complaints and opened 1 new Registrar’s Investigation, for a total of 26 new matters. The nature of service in relation to these matters is as follows:

Timeline Snapshot

There are currently 120 open Complaints and Registrar’s Investigations that are being actively investigated. A little under half of these cases are under 210 days old.

ICRC Meetings

The ICRC met on March 23, April 21, and May 25, 2021 to consider a total of 36 cases. The ICRC also held 16 teleconferences to consider 28 cases. The next meeting is scheduled for June 17, 2021, where 7 cases are scheduled to be discussed. An ICRC Plenary session was also held on April 14, 2021, to discuss various policy issues related to the Committee.

ICRC Dispositions

The ICRC disposed of 23 cases during the 3rd Quarter, as follows:

*F&V: Frivolous, vexatious, made in bad faith, moot or otherwise an abuse of process, pursuant to s.26(4) of the Health Professions Procedural Code.
†SCERP: Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program.

The dispositions of these 23 cases, as they relate to nature of service, are as follows: