Information From the Practice Advice Service

The Practice Advice Service provides information to College members and members of the public regarding relevant Legislation, Regulations, Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017, and other Guidelines. Answers are provided by College staff in response to specific inquiries and may not be applicable or generalize to all circumstances. Information is provided to support College members in exercising their professional judgement and is not an appropriate substitute for advice from a qualified legal professional.

FAQ’s – A New Resource for Members

The College’s Practice Advice Service has recently launched a Professional Practice FAQ page  which can be found in the Members section of the College website.  It is a resource to assist members to quickly and easily search for answers to commonly asked questions on a variety of practice issues.


Between September 1 and December 31, 2021 the Practice Advice Service addressed 603 inquiries. The five most common queries during this period, in descending order, related to:

  1. Member Practice in Other Jurisdictions
  2. Release of Confidential Information
  3. Supervision of Non-Members
  4. Practice During the Pandemic
  5. Member Authorized Area of Practice/Client Population/Competence

The following questions and answers have been recently added to the Professional Practice FAQ page.