Supervision Resource Manual for Registration, Third Edition

The College is very pleased to announce that the Supervision Resource Manual for Registration, Third Edition, 2022 is now available on the College’s website in the Reference Library area.

In September 2020, the College Council approved the formation of a Supervision Resource Manual Working Group.  This group was tasked to review the Supervision Resource Manual (2009) to ensure it aligns with the Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017 and best practices in supervision, and to support candidates entering the profession and the supervisors who give of their time and dedication to the growth of their supervisees.

After many months of work the Working Group prepared a draft of the new Supervision Resource Manual For Registration, 2022 to replace the Supervision Resource Manual in place since 2009.  Changes made reflect the evolution of the Registration Guidelines, standards of the profession, and the academic literature regarding supervision over the past decade. In the course of development, the Working Group consulted with the College’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Working Group.  In the summer 2022, the revised draft Manual was circulated to members for feedback.  The results of this consultation were considered when preparing the final draft of the Manual.

The revised Manual supplements and augments the information provided by the College’s Registration Guidelines and Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017 and integrates information from several sources based on best practices in supervision. The Manual is meant to provide guidance to members and those seeking registration with the College.  It provides practical information to help members of the College who agree to be supervisors for supervised practice members and/or who agree to provide supervision to members seeking to expand their authorized areas of practice.  It also provides information for members who wish to supervise individuals from other regulated health professions as well as unregulated providers.

The College wishes to thank Dr. Marjory Philips, Dr. Jane Ledingham, Dr. Paolo Pires, Mr. Barry Gang, and Ms. Lesia Mackanyn, the members of the Supervision Resource Manual Working Group for the time and effort they so generously gave in undertaking this very important and comprehensive work.