Quality Assurance News

Working within the statutory requirements established for all Health Regulatory Colleges in Ontario; the College views its Quality Assurance Programs as a means of supporting members in maintaining their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.   More >>>


President’s Message

In my role as President of Council, I want to express my appreciation to the members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and the public who give of their skills and time to fulfill the regulatory work of the College.    More >>>


Information From the Practice Advice Service

The Practice Advice Service provides information to College members and members of the public r relevant Legislation, Regulations, Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017, and other Guidelines. Answers are provided by College staff in response to specific inquiries and may not be applicable or generalized to all circumstances. Information is provided to support College members in exercising their professional judgment and is not an appropriate substitute for advice from a qualified legal professional.   More >>>