Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee (ICRC)


New Complaints and Reports

In the 3rd Quarter, the College received 37 new complaints and opened 4 Registrar’s Investigations and 1 Health Inquiry, for a total of 42 new matters. The nature of service in relation to these matters is as follows:

Timeline Snapshot

There are currently 141 open Complaints and Registrar’s Investigations being actively investigated.


The ICRC met four times in this reporting period and considered a total of 35 cases. Seventeen teleconferences were also held to consider 31 cases.

An ICRC plenary meeting is scheduled for April 29, 2022.

ICRC Dispositions

The ICRC disposed of 35 cases during the 3rd Quarter, as follows:

*F&V: Frivolous, vexatious, made in bad faith, moot or otherwise an abuse of process, pursuant to s.26(4) of the Health Professions Procedural Code.

The dispositions of these 35 cases, as they relate to nature of service, are as follows:

Disposition of Allegations

The 35 cases disposed of included the consideration of 108 allegations. The ICRC took remedial action with respect to 40 (37%) of these allegations.

Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB)

In the 3rd Quarter, five HPARB reviews of ICRC decisions were requested. The College received six HPARB decisions of previously requested reviews, five confirming ICRC decisions. One matter was withdrawn.