Email Address for College Communications

The College uses email as its main method of communication in reaching out to members. Your College contact email address is used to notify you of upcoming important events such as membership renewal dates and processes and  Quality Assurance deadlines.  It is also used for routine notices regarding items such as the new issue of HeadLines, the next Barbara Wand Seminar, pandemic updates, and other messages of interest to the full membership.  In addition, this address is used to contact individual members to provide personalized information regarding matters such as overdue QA requirements or missed fee deadlines.

It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that the email address provided to the College is valid and that you are receiving our emails. If you are not receiving College emails, the most recent one sent on July 23, 2021, the email address you have provided may not reliable or may be subject to your organization’s filtering.  Please ensure that your College contact email address is up to date and reliable.  If you are not sure you are receiving our emails, please contact the College.