Council Highlights March 2021

The College Council met virtually on March 19, 2021. Information provided to members of Council for their review in anticipation of their deliberations and decision-making is posted on the homepage of College website a week in advance of meetings. Following the meeting, this information is archived on the website in the Council Meeting Materials Reference Library.



Council approved revisions to the following policies:

  • Policy I-5: Confidentiality Obligations & Handling of Confidential Materials
    Small amendments were made to clarify the language regarding the use of unsecured public wi-fi for College business.
  • Policy II-5(i): Quality Assurance Committee Terms of Reference/Role
    Small amendments were made to provide clearer expectations with respect to the time commitment associated with Committee participation.

Council approved the following new polices:

  • Policy II–5(iv): Continuing Professional Development Program Audit: Criteria for Exemption or Deferral
    The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) audit provides the Quality Assurance Committee with information to monitor members’ compliance with the CPD program requirements and the program’s functionality. This policy sets out consistent and transparent criteria to ensure fair principles are applied in responding to members’ requests for deferrals.
  • Policy II-5(iii): Quality Assurance Requirements for “Visiting” Members with a Limited Certificate of Registration for Interim Autonomous Practice
    This policy establishes clear, transparent, and appropriate Quality Assurance requirements for out-of-province individuals temporarily registered to provide psychological services to their clients located in Ontario.

Retired Certificate Holders

The Council approved changes to the permitted activities for members holding a Retired Certificate of Registration. These members will now be permitted to teach psychology classes so long as this does not include supervision of student’s clinical work.

Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017

The Council approved revisions to the Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017.  Amendments were made to Principle 9 and Principle 11 as follows:

  • Principle 9.2 Individual Client Records was amended by adding 6) A member must explain or interpret a record written in a language other than that in which the service was provided, if requested by a client; and
  • Principle 11 Fees/Contract for Services was amended to specify that a member may charge a fee for interpreting or translating records (11.2.2.b.)

To view the Standards of Professional Conduct, 2017, please click here.

College Performance Management Framework

At the Council meeting held in December 2020, the Council discussed the College Performance Measurement Framework (CPMF) developed by the Ministry of Health which sets out performance standards for Ontario’s 26 health regulatory Colleges.  The Framework, set out in a standard format, was to be completed by March 31, 2021.   At this meeting, the Council reviewed the completed draft CPMF and endorsed it for submission to the Ministry and posting on the College website. To view the College of Psychologist’s 2020 College Performance Measurement Framework please click here.  

ABA Regulation

The College is continuing to work with the Ministry of Health to establish regulation of Applied Behavioural Analysis in Ontario.  At its recent meeting, the Council discussed the regulation of Behavior Analysts within the governance structure of the College of Psychologists. It was recognized that this will necessitate amendments to the Psychology Act, 1991 as the College undertakes the governance of these two distinct professions.  One such change to be considered is the composition of the College Council to ensure adequate representation of members from both Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Budget 2021-2022

The Council reviewed and approved the proposed Annual Budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The next meeting of Council will be held virtually on June 18, 2021.